A magical forest, more than forty games, for all ages.

Can you imagine?

An actual forest where games have grown! Forty of them to play and explore...
Made of wood, branches, stones, pebbles and flowers.

Games especially designed for children and adults to discover and play TOGETHER. It's a magical place full of surprises where you can spend the day finding wondrous and funny artistic creations.

Truly a unique and magical forest. Come and let yourself enter the dream! The Forest of Games is a theme park entirely dedicated to games made out of natural elements and what nature has to offer locally: pebbles from the Ardèche, the Conche and the Negue rivers, green oaks from Rimouren, bamboos from St Montan, driftwood from the Rhone banks and basalts from Escoutay.

In total, there are over 40 attractions over 2 hectares of forest, the sweet Laoul woods that offer their coolness in the summer, the shade of the trees and oftentimes a delicious breeze...

Refreshments, shade, the Ardèche Gorge a few kilometers away, just 2 hours from Lyon and 1 hour from Avignon... welcome to Saint Remeze, welcome to the Forest of Games.

Our attractions are for children and adults and often re-visit classic board games: checkers -the board is made out of river pebbles- game of the goose -where the board is 500m wide- cup and ball, ludo -the pieces are tall, up to 1.2m, and some have feathers on their heads- connect four -here the pieces smell like rosemary and thyme.

Deep down in our forest lies a small theater, in which you can hear tales told in the morning, or which you can use to tell your stories, or invent new ones. Unless you feel like becoming a puppeteer for a while. Overall, more than 40 games are expecting you.

You will also find plaids and blankets to rest in the shade, read stories to the kids, choosing from our selection of books, and picnic if you like.

See you at the Forest of Games, with your family, your friends, for hours of fun and smiles!